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"Mr President, I would like to congratulate the Presidency on the outcome of the spring summit and the fact that the details of the new Lisbon discussions are based on truly sustainable economic growth, which I think is absolutely necessary. What we have to face now is the difficulties on the financial markets. We have to face the problems with climate change. These are often described as ‘problems for European industry’; however, I would like to remind you that the modern, energy-efficient, knowledgeable industry is the industry that survives. Therefore, we have to put more money into innovation and research, and I hope you will keep that in mind when we enter the budgetary discussions and follow more of a parliamentary line, financing innovation and research. I also want to remind you about what we are in: a new engineering revolution, like when we went from steam to electricity. Where would Europe have been if we had sat back and said, ‘Look, we will not do anything until they have electrified the United States’? Again, the modern, energy-efficient industry is the one that will survive. Therefore, we also have to be tough on climate issues, because that promotes innovation, not only a better environment. Also, the single market for energy is, of course, extremely efficient. However, there is a problem with both the energy package and the climate package as it has been presented, and that is in combination with the situation of SMEs. Because, if you look – especially at the climate package – from an SME point of view, we have a lot of cleaning-up to do to make it more simple, to simplify the rules and procedures to accommodate both climate and the tolerance – and even the promotion – of SMEs in the European Union. I do hope that we will see results from this in the next summit. Hope is very good for breakfast but very bad for dinner, so we expect results."@en1

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