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"At last year’s spring summit the European Council expressed its desire for an ambitious climate policy. On 23 January this came about in concrete form through legislative proposals, which were warmly welcomed by this Parliament. I am convinced that in order for it to be effective, we must ensure that a constructive agreement is reached between the Council and Parliament before Potsdam, and we must therefore avoid procedures that would render an agreement at first reading impossible. Such an agreement requires flexibility on the part of Parliament and certainly on the part of the Council. The European Union’s efforts are valuable, but they would be more valuable still if the entire international community applied itself to the issue of the environment and climate. An important step was taken in Bali. I am delighted that the Council will continue to make intensive efforts to come to an agreement with all the participants at Potsdam. The Lisbon Strategy is being energetically implemented as a result of the last spring summit. That is good news. It suggests that the Heads of State or Government see the need for a social dimension. Can the Council President, Mr Janša, tell us what any more about this? Can we expect any additional proposals? Finally, freedom of expression is a good thing. It testifies to an adult attitude which is very wise. In the Netherlands a Member of Parliament is making a controversial film about Islam. I hope that Europe will speak as one if it should cause unexpected disruption."@en1

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