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"Women's freedom to make their own choices is a simple human right. It helps the economy to grow and social protection to improve. Mortality amongst women in developing countries is still tragically and unacceptably high. Families are destroyed as a result. There is a direct link here with child labour. Investing in equal opportunities and freedom means investing in the future, in Europe and in the developing world. Along with my Group I find it shocking that in this House a whole lot of ultraconservative amendments, aimed at curtailing women's rights, have been tabled to Mrs Uca's excellent and comprehensive report. These are not really about choices in pregnancy, that is pure hypocrisy. They are about scrapping all references to even the most moderate UN texts on women's rights. But sexual freedom and reproductive rights guarantee freedom of choice for every woman. Even the Vatican will recognise that freedom one day. But women cannot afford to wait; the world cannot afford to wait."@en1

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