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"Mr President, Mr President of the Commission, Commissioners, Mr President of the Council, I appeal to the European Council on behalf of my Group to properly incorporate European transport policy into the integrated guidelines. The reason is that business and employment in the EU cannot thrive without a sustainable European transport policy and the requisite trans-European networks. Without effective transport corridors, without cooperation between transport providers and without intelligent transport systems, neither trade nor tourism can be expanded inside the European Union or with third countries. That is what we need, however, in order to boost employment. Mr President of the Council, when talking to your colleagues in the Council, please bear in mind that it is crucial for the Member States to include transport policy in their national plans for growth and employment. Unfortunately we are seeing Member States devote an ever diminishing amount of funding to the maintenance and expansion of national infrastructure, be it railway networks or road networks. The same goes for the promotion and application of transport systems. Nowadays you can order everything over the Internet, but it can only be delivered by lorry or by rail. You can book any holiday you like, but in order to reach your destination you need a decent airport and decent transport links. If we want growth and employment, therefore, we must have the requisite infrastructure and decent transport systems. These must of course be environmentally friendly. We are therefore of the opinion – for reasons of sustainability – that logistics must be given every support. This is also important for national planning. Although logistics is primarily the task of companies themselves, we, the Member States and the European Union, can nevertheless help promote logistics by cutting red tape, for example customs procedures at ports. We need environmentally-friendly policies. I therefore appeal to you, for the sake of growth and employment, to make transport policy the central plank in your strategy."@en1

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