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"Honourable members, when people ask to speak I cannot guess whether they are going to make statements or whether they are going to ask questions. This is not yet in my mental capacity, I do not have divinatory powers. What I do have to do is to manage the time according to the regulations and custom of the House, and unfortunately I do not have time to give you. That would be detrimental to our fellow Members who have asked questions. I must point out that 70 questions have been put to the Commission for this session alone. Obviously it is not possible to answer 70 questions. We have rules, and we must stick to them. I apologise sincerely and understand your frustration. If I were in your position – and when I am in your position I feel frustrated too – but I cannot give you an answer. The Commissioner will in any event naturally answer you in writing, and you will therefore get your answer. I hope you understand."@en1

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