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"Question No 39 by Anne E. Jensen () In the autumn of 2007, three accidents occurred, each involving Dash8 Q400 aircraft in Aalborg, Vilnius and Copenhagen respectively. Provisional findings from the investigation indicate that the accidents occurring on 9 and 12 September could be attributed to a design error, a conclusion which the Scandinavian civil aviation authority (SLV) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) concur. The accident which occurred on 27 October may be attributed to a combination of faulty design and subsequent inspection errors. The Scandinavian civil aviation authority has now grounded the aircraft, making its re-entry into service subject to a number of conditions, while the EASA has concluded that the design error was of a minor nature only. Is it not true that the task of the EASA is to ensure high safety standards? How is it possible for the EASA and the SLV to reach such different conclusions following an investigation by the airline revealing in 16 of their 18 Dash8 Q400 aircraft the same design error or construction defect as in the aircraft forced to carry out an emergency landing in Copenhagen?"@en1
"Subject: EASA airworthiness assessment procedures"1

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