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"Mr President, I wish to begin my speech by congratulating the rapporteur on his important work in terms of proposals and analysis. This Parliament does not vote on explanatory statements, but if it did so on this report, I would vote in favour because it certainly justifies the main proposals for provisions. Thus I feel able to announce the support of the Socialist Group, with a request that the rapporteur take into account some of the main amendments we have tabled, in due accordance with the ideals of a left-wing group. Europe certainly is the world’s largest goods exporter and its leading service provider. Moreover, in a globalised context we have a legitimate right to market as many of our products and services as possible, in the markets of emerging countries in this case. Why not? It is logical and normal, and it is what our citizens would want. Thus the proposals put forward in the report and set out in the Commission communication are correct, starting with the prevention of non-tariff barriers, a ‘Hydra’, as the rapporteur so rightly calls them: a Hydra working behind the scenes, not only preventing European products and services from reaching markets, but also preventing balanced development in those countries and markets. I am therefore of the opinion that this report is on the right path, for what we must do is secure our Lisbon agenda and strengthen our social model. We also need to ensure that this model can penetrate the emerging countries with which we wish to trade. I have no doubt this will be beneficial to both European workers and workers in the other countries. We place a considerable emphasis on working conditions, security, protection of the environment and, above all, human rights. Those are our principal amendments. I must repeat our request that the rapporteur take account of these. Indeed, how do we actually achieve these goals? We achieve them through much more intense cooperation – I do not know if it can be called ‘enhanced’ cooperation, since that creates confusion with institutional provisions in the new Treaty – between the EU, Member States and businesses, starting with support for SMEs. Congratulations, therefore, and good night."@en1

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