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"As a Member of the European Parliament from Estonia I am glad to inform you that one fifth of the Members of the Estonian Parliament took part in election observation missions in Georgia. According to the international election observation mission, the elections held on January 5 were ‘in essence consistent with most international standards for democratic elections, but significant challenges were revealed which need to be addressed urgently’. Although some irregularities were discovered and pointed out, it is utterly irresponsible to give way to more friction in Georgia. Especially by endangering the legitimacy of the elections in the eyes of the Georgian people by creating a doubt that in principle the elections were not held free and fair. It is my belief that the politicians in the neighbouring countries and even in the EU, who have chosen to remain sceptical and extremely vocal as well, have not acted in the best interest of further sustainable development and consolidation of democracy in Georgia, the importance of which this report clearly stresses."@en1

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