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"First of all, allow me to congratulate the rapporteur, Mrs Anastase, as well as my colleagues on the various committees that delivered their opinions, on the report under discussion, which is as momentous as the problems involved in the establishment of a regional Black Sea policy. I would also like to thank my colleagues in the Committee on Regional Development for their support to the amendments proposed to the opinion of the Committee that I’m a member of. I am referring to the inclusion in the final draft of the Black Sea report of my request for strengthening the European assistance mission on the Moldovan and Ukrainian border and the need for improved management of illegal migration and immigration in the area. I believe we need the Commission’s encouragement in the form of action in the region, at both country and regional levels, for this area to become truly democratic and stable. A more active European involvement would mean a real opportunity for this area which has a huge, insufficiently exploited potential, considering the frozen conflicts and tense relations between some countries in the area. Institutionally speaking, I am in favour of the idea of Member States in the area assuming leadership (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece), and I think that the Union and the countries in the region should strengthen and coordinate regional cooperation activities and mechanisms. It is only in this way that the doubling of funds available via the European Neighbourhood Instrument and the principles governing the Structural Funds, such as partnership, sustainability, effectiveness, non-discrimination and decentralisation, will yield the beneficial effects that we all expect."@en1

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