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"Madam President, in taking the floor in a debate devoted to the countries of the South Caucasus and regional policy in the Black Sea basin, I wish to draw attention to the following issues. To begin with, this is a vast area for the production and transmission of energy, and one that is of exceptional importance from the aspect of diversification and security of energy raw material supplies to the Union. However, support is needed for projects involving energy raw material transport from this area, not only to the south of Europe, as has been happening so far, but also to the north – to Ukraine and Poland – and on to the west. Secondly, only EU support for political stability and democratisation processes in this region, and also the peaceful resolution of conflicts between neighbours, can provide the opportunity for rapid economic development in these countries and a genuine cut in the enormous unemployment and poverty rates. Thirdly, the strong economic growth throughout the region, which in some countries is above 30% of GDP annually, is based solely and exclusively on the production and export of crude oil and natural gas. What is needed in this area, therefore, is support for alternative sources of income, especially the development of tourism and the associated infrastructure."@en1

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