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"Madam President, Madam Commissioner, let me recall what our UK colleague said a while ago. If we could, at the expense of the UK rebate, solve the problems with human trafficking, energy independence, the security of the Black Sea, I don’t think we would find a single new Member State not willing to spare 1 billion Euros from its coffers to resolve these issues. Colleagues, Ms. Anastase’s report carries one central message, and this message is that Europe needs a Black Sea policy in the same way as it has its Nordic dimension, and in the same way as it has its Mediterranean policy. In 2007 the European Commission released its communication, now we have the European Parliament report as well. May I remind my distinguished colleagues that at the end of last year we called upon the European Commission to come up with concrete proposals for projects and programmes to implement these policies in its 2008 annual programme. That is why, let 2008 be the year of Black Sea action. In discussing Europe’s energy issues, I would like to say that this report carries a very important message: the Black Sea is of strategic importance for Europe because it can serve to increase its energy dependence from one source, just like it can serve to diversify sources... sources and energy independence. Our report calls for the latter. And I appeal to you all: let us not let Europe and certain countries in the European Union increase their energy dependence on one source or another. The report carries a very significant message to our neighbours and I will take the liberty of quoting it in English. Relations in the Black Sea region should be based on " This is the message the European Commission and the Presidency will, I hope, be able to present successfully to our partners on the other side of the Black Sea as a basis for the policy we will pursue in the region, and as an appeal for them to pursue that same type of policy towards the countries which have won their independence along the coast of the Black Sea. Thank you."@en1
"mutual respect, territorial integrity, non-interference in each other's internal affairs and the prohibition of the use of force or threat of the use of force.""1

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