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"Mr President, Commissioner, when we discuss the Lisbon Strategy in the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, we talk about high growth, a high level of employment, good social conditions, good health care, and one of the things we also say is that the education system and development of skills must be a driving force in achieving these goals. When we transpose this, all these aims, to the Roma minority in Europe, we find astonishingly high unemployment. We find social conditions which are not particularly good, health care which is not particularly good, poor housing conditions, a segregated society for them, and even an education system which is segregated. There are special education provisions for Roma people which do not give them the right to an adequate education. Yet the Lisbon Strategy is there for everyone. You had a number of good proposals. We support them, but it is important that the strategy is followed up by a plan of action. It is important that we have mainstreaming, but at the same time there must be coordination within the Commission. It is important that we review our funds so that they take account of the Roma minority. It is important, when we draw up strategies in the fields of employment and education and in other fields, that we always consider the situation of the Roma so that they are integrated in different strategies."@en1

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