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"Mr President, Commissioner, I understand very well the concern shared by many, including you and Bernard Kouchner, to send an election mission to Pakistan. It is actually one of the only ways left to us of exerting pressure on Mr Musharraf, but we should realise that this observation mission would take place under very special conditions. We usually study and make observations before, during and after. Regarding what has happened before, we already know how many things have been rigged. Benazir Bhutto, with Mr Latif Khosa, had written a 160-page report on the possible rigging of these elections, particularly using computers, a report that she was going to give to two American congressmen the evening of the day she died. Do we currently have the ability to check for computerised rigging in election observation missions? If not, we could then decide that even though the ‘before’ was more than a little dubious, the ‘during’ has been regular even if there has been fraud. Consequently I would ask for a very special observation mission, and I ask that we do not declare these elections to be democratic when we cannot check this."@en1

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