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"Mr President, on 14 November in this House, I stated that the biggest threat facing Pakistan internally is the terrorist threat. The abhorrent assassination of Benazir Bhutto is proof of this, if it was required. Extremists hit that day but they must not be allowed to win the day. We called for President Musharraf on that day to end the state of emergency, to reinstate the constitution, to reinstate the Supreme Court and move towards free and fair elections. He has done all of this, albeit not necessarily perfectly, and he has relinquished his army role as well. We must call upon Pakistan’s politicians to unite and invest in that process. Pakistan is facing turbulent times and we must stand with it. Just one further point. I have real concerns regarding the way in which what actually happens in this House is being distorted by some sections of Pakistan’s media in their reporting, particularly the news channel GEO. This House has always argued for a free and fair media. We stand by that and I ask them: please do not abuse the freedoms we hold dear."@en1

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