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"Mr President, the target of the assassins was not simply Benazir Bhutto, but all of those who are committed to the principle of democracy. We should be backing the moderate majority in Pakistan who seek to uphold democracy, and Mr Tannock is wrong to say that all in Pakistan reject European values, as 800 000 British people of Pakistani origin could tell him. I welcome Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner’s strengthening of the EU electoral observation mission and recognise our important role in building confidence in the electoral process. Through her and through today’s debate, I call on Pakistan to lift all restrictions on political campaigning, to release remaining political detainees, to publish in advance the location of all polling stations and to ensure that all results are posted immediately in public. We should welcome the lifting of the state of emergency, President Musharraf’s retirement as Army Chief of Staff and the invitation to my own country, the United Kingdom, to assist in the investigation of Mrs Bhutto’s death. Militant extremists are not simply a threat in Pakistan: they are a threat to us all."@en1

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