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"Mr President, Benazir Bhutto is said to have told her son: implementing democracy in Pakistan is our revenge on military rule. Ladies and gentlemen, we have to ensure that Benazir Bhutto’s legacy is not just a mandate to her son, but to us all and to the international community to ensure that the conditions for democracy are established in Pakistan and that we help to establish them. The situation there is not good, as many speakers have already said. And the way in which this attack on Benazir Bhutto was dealt with is truly alarming. I would also ask that we ensure that there is an international investigation into this assassination. Scotland Yard may already be doing some preparatory work on this, but I think it would be good if this investigation were to take place by order of the UN. Commissioner, President-in-Office of the Council, you have said that stability in Pakistan is in our interest. Very well, but we are only looking, as ever, at the minority of terrorists. When you are in Pakistan, you will hear that the military system creates instability and President Musharraf is making a substantial contribution to the worsening situation. Last year he was here in Parliament. We outlined all our main criticisms to him. Nothing has improved and a lot has got worse and therefore I really don’t understand how it is that he can come here to this Parliament again next week. Civil society in Pakistan sees this as covert complicity in that when it comes down to it, the West accepts both the military system and Mr°Musharraf himself. I believe we should make this very clear next week."@en1

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