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"As a former European Parliament election observer for Kenya, I am deeply concerned by the turn of events following the election in December. The fact that Kenya has for years been seen as the most stable country in that part of the African continent makes developments doubly worrying. Kenya, like my country, is a member of the Commonwealth. I support the proposal put forward by the Commonwealth observation team that independent Commonwealth judges be put in place to review the election results. Our own EU election observation team suggested that an independent audit of the results take place. I am convinced that the Kenyan people would have confidence in such an audit being carried out by Commonwealth judges. Our immediate priority is to see Kenya return to a state of normality, by which I mean a peaceful society in which the democratic process is not in doubt. The news today that the security forces prevented opposition politicians from staging a protest rally does not bode well. I urge the EU to do all in its power to work with other international organisations to ensure that Kenya can recover both its normality and its democracy."@en1

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