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"Mr President, the example of Kenya shows what a breakdown in democratic standards can lead to, and how important it is for elections to be free, transparent, honest and fair. People who have lost elections, regardless of whether they lost in honest rivalry or whether they were cheated by those who organised the election process, should nevertheless not pursue violence and destruction. Randomly hurting people, including women and children, has nothing in common with acceptable forms of struggle for one’s rights. The only hope for an effective solution to problems of this type lies in convincing the rulers and the opposition that the overriding aim of politics is not to acquire or hold onto power; the aim of politics is the good of the people. A return to normal for Kenya must therefore begin with a suspension of violence and destruction. I appreciate that this is the aim of mediators from the African Union, and the European Union should support this process. I would like to thank Commissioner Michel for making such a declaration."@en1

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