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"It is important to pay more attention to adult learning. The adult learning agenda needs to be pushed forward. Adult participation in education and training is not sufficient if the EU wishes to reach the benchmark goal of 12.5% participation in adult learning by 2010. However, it is necessary to ensure the quality of adult learning, paying special attention to the various dimensions of quality in learning, principally the development of educators, quality assurance mechanisms and teaching methods and materials. As the report says, adult learning is a vital component of lifelong learning and a very complex sector. Adults need to connect learning to their knowledge, experience and cultural background. Finally, it is important to emphasise gender equality with regard to programmes relating to lifelong learning, so that both men and women can derive equal advantage from the possibilities offered by such learning, and to make use of all available tools to ensure equality between men and women in measures for preparing adult education policy, in cooperation with the European Institute for Gender Equality."@en1

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