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". Children are people with their own rights, from the very moment of conception. Every child has a right to have a family, which is the basis of his upbringing. We must not forget about the street children and the children of migrants, who are also exposed to violence. The rights of the child must be the EU’s main priority. I welcome the initiative to set up a confidential hotline. I have expressed my agreement with the EU strategy in the area of children’s rights by casting my vote. The strategy is dealt with in an excellent report by my colleague Mrs Angelilli, which provides a great deal of useful information. We have to realise that we are still lacking the legal basis. As part of a long-term strategy, it is therefore necessary to adopt concrete measures in the area of the rights of the child and implement them as quickly as possible. Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty will make the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights legally binding. Its Article 24 deals expressly with the rights of the child. In the days ahead we are going to face several challenges: reducing cyber-crime as quickly as possible, putting an end to paedophilia and the sexual abuse of children and minors, and establishing rules for international adoption, which must be in the interest of the child not the adults. All forms of violence must be prohibited. Now is the time to transform words into actions. The EU must listen to the children: they are the foundations of tomorrow’s society. The European house must be a safe house for children. If we have happy children, we will have a happy society."@en1

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