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". This report has almost 200 articles and includes some aspects we support and others which we do not. Our vote should be understood in the light of that statement. However, we should point out that the report fails to address the causes of situations that it sometimes diagnoses. The report shirks its responsibilities by failing to criticise the EU’s neoliberal policies, which underlie the poverty of millions of people, especially children. These policies lead to deep and unacceptable social inequalities, caused by capitalist exploitation and concentration. Policies that foster social strife, with the loss of value of workers’ wages; easy dismissals and increasingly insecure contractual arrangements; longer and more flexible working hours and the liberalisation and privatisation of public services. Policies that have profound adverse consequences on the efficiency and living conditions of workers and their families, and hence of their children. The respect and full exercise of the rights of the child requires, among other things, a fair distribution of wealth, jobs with rights, decent wages, shorter working hours, development of strong public systems of social security, health and universal and free education."@en1

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