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"Madam President, this has been one of the liveliest debates in this European Parliament since its inception. Had we done this before we might have had the television cameras here and our constituents might find out what we are doing instead of these boring, turgid things we do day in, day out. Let me now turn to adult learning. It is never too late to learn, it says. This surely is a matter for subsidiarity: it is up to the nation states to decide what their priorities are. It is surely not for the Brussels Commission, surely not for the European Parliament to decide whether adult learning is imperative or not! But it also says – does it not? – that it is never too late to learn, and surely one of the things we need to learn very fast is that we cannot divide the people of Europe from their decision-makers. We must enjoin them on how we want to run the European Union and, therefore, we must have a referendum."@en1

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