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"Madam President, it may not be obvious why, as a representative of London, I am giving an explanation of vote on a matter concerning farming and the common agricultural policy. But we have to recognise that the common agricultural policy also affects consumers right across the EU in the form of higher prices. Therefore it is incumbent on all of us to make sure that we are monitoring how taxpayers’ money is spent in a number of areas, including the common agricultural policy. I understand that, in response to the common agricultural policy management needs, there is considerable need for information on land use, and that is why I think we all welcome the use of better technology. I hope that many of my constituents will benefit in terms of providing that technology. I also have to agree with my colleague that one of the reasons I am giving an explanation of vote is because the people of Europe and the people of Britain should be given a say on the Constitutional Treaty in the form of a referendum."@en1

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