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"Madam President, as someone who has followed, through the Committee on Budgetary Control, a number of the Court of Auditors’ reports concerning misappropriations and fraudulent spending of monies from the agriculture budget, I must say how pleased I am to see this Parliament welcoming new technology in many different ways, especially in this field of agriculture. I hope that in future years this information – as one of the amendments in this report suggested – can be spread via the internet to all those people across the European Union who would like to see it, especially to the various national audit authorities in each Member State so they can see, for example, if in Greece they are claiming more acreage for olive-producing land than they actually have. I am also standing up because I want to talk about the Constitutional Treaty. I want to make sure that this House gets a say and that people get a referendum in the future, and that is why I am giving explanations of votes on all reports."@en1

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