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"Before I start, I would like to welcome the ambitious programme of the Slovenian Presidency, which is treating the important cohesion of the Western Balkans as a prominent question for the whole EU. According to the Commission’s annual report for 2006, the accession of 2004 was a great result for the old and new Member States, but the smooth management of the process was the key factor in its success. The EU currently has to confront new challenges that require greater efforts. Maximum support from the Slovenian Presidency in fulfilling all the priorities of its programme is essential for handling these matters appropriately, including the creation of the preconditions for Croatian and Turkish accession. The fundamental interest of the EU is supporting the processes of reform in the Western Balkans, and in sorting out the Kosovo situation within the framework of the European Perspective in a way that is acceptable to everyone. Enlargement is a strategic and security policy interest for the EU, and requires an effective development policy and cooperation in partnership. The emphasis must also continue to be placed on dealing with programmes for the Western Balkans that serve to reduce differences in the state of development and strengthen social, economic and regional cohesion. However, stimulating investment in human resources and supporting the development of a knowledge-based, creative society are essential for ensuring balance between increasing competitiveness and cohesion, and encouraging the development of the Western Balkans. In accordance with the principle of European solidarity, efforts must be made to end poverty and guarantee ‘direct aid’ for the countries of the Western Balkans too. It is our joint responsibility to support the programme of the Slovenian Presidency so as to achieve the main objectives of the Union."@en1

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