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". With the Slovenian Presidency of the Council comes the opening of the third act of the farce orchestrated by the forces promoting federalist, neoliberal and militarist integration in Europe, in which the EU – with Germany at the helm – imposes a treaty that was previously rejected, avoiding the holding of national referendums. They say that there is no need to hold referendums: Because there is a ‘broad consensus’ in every country on what the Treaty proposes, especially in the national parliaments. However, one of the main lessons of the referendums in France and the Netherlands was surely that they revealed a profound contradiction between the will of the people and the ‘parliamentary majorities’. Because ratification by the parliaments is as legitimate and democratic as ratification by referendum. How then should we understand the claim that holding a referendum in Portugal would aggravate the risks of the Treaty not entering into force? What they fear is a referendum result that differs from what they want, and so do not hold any. Because the Treaty proposal is different from the one that was rejected previously and involves ‘substantial change’. Yet they do not say what. However, do the promoters themselves not claim that the substance is the same? Read the statements by Giscard d’Estaing. They are motivated by fear…"@en1

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