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"Mr President, may I warmly welcome the Prime Minister to Parliament and wish him well in his period as President-in-Office of the Council. I feel sure that Slovenia will carry out the task ahead with great competence. I welcome the emphasis given to the next stage in the Lisbon Strategy. There remains much to be done to persuade Member States to reform their economies and I hope that the Presidency will advocate greater liberalisation, reforms to labour markets and ensure European business benefits from globalisation. Europe needs to be more competitive, more focused on creating new jobs and less concerned with protecting a social model that hampers employment growth. I want to see action on completing the internal market and, in particular, the telecoms sector. I welcomed the announcement by the Commissioner last year on further liberalising the telecoms market. We now have the opportunity to reassess the existing framework to get rid of bottlenecks and to map out a more competitive future for this crucial industry. I look forward to hearing in the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, where I am also the PPE-DE Group spokesman, how the Presidency intends to take matters forward. I also welcome the commitment to pursue vigorously the energy and climate change agenda. The EU has established tough carbon emissions targets and it is now incumbent upon Member States to follow through with real action, and not just words, to ensure burden sharing does not just end up as load shedding. I read with concern in the press this week that some Member States are trying to undermine the EU agreement of last year on climate change, and we will pay particular attention to see that the British Government lives up to the commitments it has entered into."@en1

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