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"Mr President, President-in-Office of the Council, we were told very graphically as children how General Tito tore through the streets of Belgrade, people jumping aside it was closed, no traffic regulations were in force. To our youthfully naive way of thinking, this was the epitome of the arbitrariness and ruthlessness of a particular system. Later we then noticed how proceedings were arbitrarily initiated against dissidents, against critics in the country from which they were able to escape. Now you are here, and your joy is understandable, but be vigilant! The Tito here, in his attitude, for instance, is our Secretary General, Harald Rømer, who tears through this city of Strasbourg and does not fear the consequences even if it is at 100 kilometres an hour and people also have to jump aside. And unfortunately there are arbitrary proceedings against unwelcome critics even in this European Union."@en1

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