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"Mr President, Slovenia is the first of the new Member States to take on the Presidency of the European Union. This Presidency coincides with the year 2008, which has been designated as the Year of Intercultural Dialogue, so this is one of the main foundations of its programme. It should be remembered, though, that such dialogue is possible only when the parties have a strong sense of cultural identity and wish to share this wealth with others. The cultural foundation of Europe is Christianity, so Christian values should be promoted and strengthened, and not undermined. It is difficult to discern such a positive approach in the most important EU documents that have been passed, such as the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Reform Treaty. They contain no references to Europe’s Christian roots. There has also been no serious debate on this subject in the forum of the European Parliament. In this context there must be doubts as to whether the European Union, while neglecting, and thus eroding its own roots, is sufficiently prepared for an intercultural dialogue with strong partners from other regions of the world."@en1

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