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"The Community Strategy 2007-2012 on Health and Safety at Work does not deal with the actual causes of accidents and conceals the irresponsibility of capital. The proposed measures are piecemeal, limited to management of today’s criminal reality at the expense of the working class and employees generally. Accidents at work are the heavy price the working class is made to pay, within the scope of the barbarous spread of capitalism, all for the sake of profit. Accidents at work each year are steadily increasing in Greece and in the other EU Member States, with the result that thousands of workers lose their lives and thousands of others suffer insurmountable problems. The Εuropean Union, true to the anti-labour Lisbon Strategy, is shifting the weight of responsibility onto the workers, and is strengthening privatisation in the field of health and safety at work, proposing access to private external agencies, downgrading the role of public control mechanisms, and remaining silent about the responsibilities of enterprises."@en1

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