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"Health and safety at work have an extremely important part to play on the European agenda and in the Lisbon Strategy. Investment in them increases productivity and reduces social security costs. The previous policy plan, for instance, already significantly reduced the number of accidents at the workplace. For the new policy period (up to 2012), further efforts will be made to achieve a 25% reduction, and the Commission undertakes to help SMEs implement the existing regulatory legal framework. The Willmott report improves considerably on the Commission proposal. It aims at a suitable mix of tougher and better labour inspections, effective prevention, appropriate incentives and sanctions, together with sharing best practice and increasing worker participation. With a few 'green' amendments such as greater attention to the group of agency staff (women, migrant workers), temporary and poorly trained workers, and attention to the underlying causes of mental illness and to mental health, to addiction and psychological risks at work, such as stress, harassment and bullying, as well as violence, I fully support this report."@en1

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