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"The aims of the Community strategy on health and safety at work for 2007-2012 – while undoubtedly laudable in themselves – are unlikely to be realised, just as the Lisbon strategy is unlikely to be realised by 2010. Moreover, such is the degree of disparity in legislation on these matters in Europe that they are not readily manageable at Community level, and the big risk is that health and safety standards will converge towards the lowest common denominator. Instead of publicising the benefits and advantages it has to offer, Europe should be taking practical action and attacking the factors that actually place working people at risk, namely insecurity, unemployment and poverty. When these have been addressed, and only then, questions of health and safety at work can, of course, be resolved in the ongoing process of common standard-setting. Our leaders in Europe are mistaken: encouraging immigration is not the way to reduce levels of poverty or its prevalence, or to promote growth. That much is plain from the fact that the last 10 years, with immigration at unprecedented levels, have seen lower than ever growth rates by comparison with the rest of the world. The Community strategy for health and safety at work has not taken these parameters into account. We shall therefore vote against the report."@en1

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