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". The report approved by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs covers significant aspects of the struggle for better living and working conditions, with greater protection of health and safety. Unfortunately, however, on the PPE’s initiative, several proposals were amended and paragraph 59, which stressed that permanent employment is an important contributory factor to health and safety at work, was rejected. Hence our final vote to abstain. Concerned that the number of accidents and illnesses at work is not falling uniformly, since their incidence is much greater than the EU average among particular categories of workers (migrants, people on insecure contracts, women, the young and the elderly, for example) and particular Member States, the European Parliament calls upon the Commission to give priority to activities and/or sectors that involve particular risks. However, we welcome the approval of the paragraph that considers excessive working hours and insufficient rest periods to be a key factor in increased levels of accidents and illnesses at work, and that calls for a proper balance of work and family life."@en1

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