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"I voted in favour of the report proposing a competitive automotive regulatory framework. It is a road map for making cars cleaner and safer and for simplifying the legal context for the development of European vehicle manufacturing. We must make it possible to reduce the impact of road transport on air quality as vehicles currently in use are gradually replaced. I welcome the adoption of the deadlines that Parliament has set, coinciding with the date of 2015, to achieve an emissions limit of 125 g/km for new cars coming onto the market. The date is the same as that for the entry into force of the Euro VI standards. Additional measures (involving alternative fuels, eco-driving or tax incentives, for example) could contribute to this effort, and particular attention should be paid to biofuels and hydrogen. CARS 21 recommends a holistic approach to road safety, involving vehicle technology, infrastructure and road users (suggested measures include electronic stability control, seat-belt reminders and emergency braking systems). The first requirement of effective legislation is that it should be realistic, and environmental concerns have long been central to policies within the industry."@en1

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