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". The European automotive industry, which represents around 3% of the EU’s GDP and 7% of its manufacturing output, is one of the most important economic sectors, producing around one third of global production. It is also one of the EU’s leading export sectors and invests 4% of its turnover in R&D. The sector is one of the largest employers, with over 2 million direct and 10 million indirect jobs, and is therefore a key factor in Europe’s economic, social and cultural life. The sector is facing serious challenges, however. Rapid technological progress, coupled with fierce international competition, means that it must change rapidly. Furthermore, considerable social expectations weigh upon the sector, particularly in terms of the environment and road safety. This close interaction between the industry, the environment, energy and transport makes it one of the EU’s most regulated areas – it is covered by around 80 directives and 115 UNECE regulations. We cannot support all the proposals presented in this report, however. Too much emphasis is given to defending the internal market and competition, while little attention is paid to social and labour issues and the development gap between Member States."@en1

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