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". Although it includes some points that improve the Commission proposal, the report continues to reflect and is an integral part of the process of air transport deregulation in the EU. An improvement in transparency in the method of calculating airport charges is certainly to be welcomed. However, we disagree with a policy that seeks to deregulate and privatise a strategic public service such as air transport, in this case promoting ‘a truly competitive airport market’, or the incorporation of principles such as the ‘user pays’ and profitability in a service that should be public. What is more, efforts are even being made to remove its ‘regulatory role’ from the public arena, creating ‘independent regulatory authorities’ to that end. The privatisations that have taken place in the sector have not added value to the services provided and have caused job losses and a deterioration in workers’ rights, and in some cases technical and operational problems. We regret that our proposals have been rejected. They sought to ensure that the directive included recognition of the constraints faced by regions that suffer permanent geographic and natural disadvantages, such as the outermost regions, and therefore established appropriate exceptions for fulfilling universal public service obligations."@en1

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