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". The Commission proposals contain a long list of detailed rules on how airport charges should be collected. It is one of the Commission’s responsibilities to monitor compliance with Community competition legislation. The proposals in question, however, mean excessive bureaucracy and detailed regulation, which is disadvantageous to those Member States which have chosen to deregulate the aviation sector. The European Parliament considers that the common principles on airport charges should only apply to airports with over five million passenger movements per year, or to those at which annual traffic amounts to over 15% of the number of passenger movements in the Member State in question. This position is preferable to the Commission proposal, which also includes smaller regional airports. We are often called upon to decide whether to support common EU rules aimed at ensuring equal treatment of all interests participating in the internal market. In this case it is clear that the Commission’s line involves unjustified bureaucracy. On the basis of these arguments, we have voted in favour of the proposal of the European Parliament, but against the legislative resolution in the final vote."@en1

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