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"Mr President, it is true that we sometimes have the opportunity to sit here late in the evening and discuss agricultural issues, but I must say that I enjoyed, no matter how late it is, having an opportunity to exchange views on this – for those of us present here tonight, anyway – very interesting topic. Firstly, it is clear that, in situations where the areas are covered with snow, it is not possible – and this applies to our Finnish friends – to collect the data on the crops, but it is possible to collect the meteorological data, which will be available no matter what the weather conditions are. As this is also closely linked to the development that we are seeing in the discussions on climate change, I think that this information is also valid and important. There have been some concerns about the availability of the data, and I can only say that the data is available no matter where you come from. It is available either through the Member States or on the internet, so there is no secret about the data collected in the different areas. Concerning the budget, I think that it is important, in a situation where we have a limited budget for agriculture, that we take care to spend the money in the most appropriate way and that (I refer to Mr Martinez) we can defend how we spend the money and ensure that no fraud is taking place. I think that we have also been quite successful in explaining to the European Parliament how we spend the money and how the control is carried out. However, it is equally important for me to say again tonight that the technology used in the system to register the field crops does not make it possible to use the same system for control purposes. The technology is completely different and the picture is simply unusable for control purposes, so please do not make this link, because it is completely inappropriate. However, I still believe that the money that we will spend in the future on this system is justified. It will be approximately between EUR 1.5 million and EUR 1.7 million every year. Especially in a situation where we have seen dramatic changes in the price fluctuations in the agricultural sector, it is important that we have valid data on which to base our forecasts."@en1

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