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"I would like to congratulate the rapporteur and the Committees for their successful and eminently social work. At the same time, I was sorry to note that there was not a single reference in it to the question of developing information and communication skills. We should just think of how much legislation we have created over the years that recognises new rights for European citizens and in how many cases we have prescribed that workers, consumers, pensioners or even tourists should have the relevant information and channels on the Internet. All these things make sense if the beneficiaries can access the information. The development of ‘ skills’ in lifelong learning and in general basic education will assume vital importance, as the foundation stone of a knowledge-based information society. Another key task for Member States will be promoting equal opportunities in IT and electronic inclusion. I am delighted that every Hungarian party agrees on this, even if they do not agree on many other things. Modern information and communication technologies in themselves present an unprecedented opportunity to really promote cohesion and equal opportunities, but we can only use this opportunity if we guarantee the conditions to include everyone throughout their lives, so that, even for ‘ skills’, the title of the Committee’s opinion will inevitably be true: ‘It is never too late’. Thank you for your attention."@en1

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