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"Indeed, it’s never too late to learn. I would like to congratulate the rapporteur on her handling of this topic, which is an essential one at European level and beyond. Unfortunately, many citizens still believe that education is something one acquires in the first part of one's life. We must encourage access to European funds available for adult education, particularly in Member States that have recently joined the Union. The degree of absorption of funds is rather low in these states, and the number of people involved in professional retraining and lifelong learning is very low. I believe it is essential to change the mentality of young people still at the initial stage of their education, so as to prepare them for a Europe on the move. By developing new, European-level programs, we should instil in them the idea that training does not end once you’ve obtained your first qualification. It’s important to be aware that anyone, anytime, can acquire new skills and competences, irrespective of their age, ethnicity, gender, or location. Taking all these into account, a fundamental precept emerges: we must be able to learn."@en1

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