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"Mr President, if the Commissioner were to ask people where they learn, they would tell him where they went to school. But most of the learning we do is outside this experience of formal education. The challenge in lifelong learning is not only to offer opportunities to adults to gain new and more qualifications, but also to find a way to recognise and capitalise on the very valuable learning many adults have gained informally through life and work experience. A constituent of mine has pioneered the successful handling of some of the most difficult fish varieties and also the environmentally friendly fish-farming techniques that they require. He has no college degree, so when the Commission gives grants in this field, they do not go to him. Instead, the grants go to academics with no experience, who then come to him to find out how he does what he does. He is tired of this rip-off, and the fishing industry will be the poorer for this. I urge the Commissioner to look at this as there has to be a better way."@en1

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