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"We are aware that Member States recognise the extremely important role of lifelong learning, as it contributes to the citizens’ welfare, self-confidence, social integration, and intercultural dialogue. Nevertheless, the access of adults to lifelong learning programmes remains limited, despite the European Union’s aim of achieving 12.5% participation by 2010. This is why the implementation and promotion by Member States of effective European programs for the education and training of adults, especially the elderly, the disabled and migrants, could lead to their more successful integration in society and increased mobility on the labour market. As a member of the Committee on Education and Culture, I believe that the development of volunteer programmes concerning solidarity between generations and the involvement of government, private enterprise and individuals is a key point for taking up the new challenges posed by demographic change, poverty and social exclusion. By virtue of the right to literacy and education, and of the Member States’ obligation to provide quality training for their adult citizens, I believe, Mr President, that we too are responsible for the development of sustainable tools for funding and supporting lifelong education and training."@en1

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