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"Thank you for your response, Commissioner: I am glad that the Commission intends to take a series of measures to reduce, in so far as possible, the risks associated with the circulation of imported toys, particularly those from China. One important aspect here, which the Commission has highlighted, is the traceability of toys from producer to consumer – and you did refer briefly to that in your reply. A major question remains unanswered, however. In the event of hundreds of thousands of toys being withdrawn from the market, as happened last year, can you tell me please, Commissioner, what becomes of those toys? What proof do you have that they are removed absolutely from the market? I have heard reports – which prompted me to ask my question today – that they are being put back onto the market, for sale to other children. All children, throughout the world, are entitled to benefit from the same approach on our part: I think none of us will argue with that. Does the traceability system enable you to follow these toys all the way to their destruction?"@en1

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