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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on this new form of democracy. Firstly, congratulations on the Commissioner’s lucid analysis which we hope will be followed by concrete action, action in which Parliament – and we also call on the President of Parliament here – will also be involved, because the waste problem in Naples does not just have to do with the minutiae of disposal, the environment and any other matter, but, in our view, is becoming a national and European problem. Some very short points: the amount of waste which is now being collected from the streets is well below the amount being put on the streets; the measures that the government is taking are therefore completely inadequate. The mass of waste, the overall quantity of waste grows by the hour, making the situation ever more dramatic. Secondly, a political point. Mr Pittella said that Parliament should not become a sounding board for national diatribes. In this evening’s debate, the centre-left seems to be doing exactly that. Let us take note of his comments."@en1

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