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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, from Padania the situation in Campania seems like science fiction, from a Padania where separate collections are made, where taxes on waste are paid. The fact that the left in government in our country, with a green environment minister, moreover, has to put the former chief of police in charge of waste, seems like something from another world. We tell you plainly that Campania is no longer in the European legal space, dominated as it is by a shameful connection between politics and the Camorra which we have long denounced. Commissioner, no more funding, suspend all funding, do not send a further cent to the Camorra, to the criminals. Take the hard-working and honest North as an example! Free the honest people of Campania from the thrall of the Camorra, in which various parties are caught up! We want nothing to do with this, we are against this domination of politics by the mafia. Federalism is what our country needs, if these people are to be helped! There has to be change, the situation has to change! Free those honest working people of the South from the yoke of the mafia! That is what honest Padania has to say!"@en1

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