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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to thank the Commissioner for his lucid analysis. In Naples, and in large parts of Campania, the waste situation has now deteriorated and the consequences can be seen by all, but there are problems in other areas as well, as can be seen from the number of infringement procedures that Italy has collected in the environmental field in recent years. Among these, I should like to cite the notorious CIP6 under which the energy produced from waste has been considered to be renewable energy with the result that enormous incentives have been diverted away from policies to develop renewable energies and handed out to the powerful industrial lobbies, leading to serious waste management problems. What is making the situation in Campania even more dramatic are the 14 years of intrigue and irresponsibility culminating in the first proceedings against businesses and representatives of the public institutions, and ultimately the proceedings against at the European Court, for environmental disaster. If the crisis is to be resolved there has to be a new style of government of the area: no more derogations, but applications of European laws. Europe has set a clear-cut hierarchy in the new framework directive on waste. Disposal is to be used only as a last resort and comes after separate collection, recycling and so on. Now, however, we have to find a way out of a situation which may well be reaching a point of no return in Campania, and it is for that reason that we need to mobilise all the available resources and call upon the solidarity of the Italian regions and on aid from the EU so that immediate action can be taken in the next three or four months to eliminate the dangers faced by residents and to return Naples to Europe."@en1

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