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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the current waste crisis in Campania is a tragedy that has long been coming, and those mountains of refuse that can be seen in the streets are only the tip of an iceberg made up of inefficiency, waste and mismanagement. We are unhappy that this crisis is damaging the reputation not just of the Region of Campania but of Italy as a whole, but keeping quiet again about who is responsible and turning a blind eye would do little to resolve a problem which has worsened because of silence and intrigue, and although people should not used as political pawns, nor do I think that the do-gooder attitude that is also creeping round this House this evening is acceptable either. We can no longer stay silent or justify, and neither did the Court of Auditors, the fact that millions of euro, of European, national and local funds have gone up in smoke. To whom should people turn for compensation for the damages caused by this environmental disaster, for the tarnished image and for the waste of public resources? In particular, what action does the Commission intend to take actively to force the Italian State to take adequate measures, bearing in mind that the children of Naples and Campania have not gone to school today either?"@en1

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