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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the situation in Naples is serious largely because time has been wasted rather than trying to do something about the guilty verdict handed down by Court of Justice and thus ensuring that waste is managed in line with European legislation, something which we greatly regret. If we want to prevent the crisis in Campania from spreading to other regions, action has to be taken by applying the European rules, building waste to energy plant – despite the barely credible resistance from some pseudo-environmentalists such as Minister Pecoraro Scanio – and promoting separate collection. Campania does not, however, mirror the whole of Italy, and fortunately many regions such as Lombardy have made considerable progress and have set up efficient waste collection and disposal systems. In other regions, however, there is much cause for concern. The public is worried; and that is certainly true in Rome and Lazio. Some figures: quantities of waste are greater than in Naples and Campania; 4 500 tonnes of refuse are collected every day in Rome in comparison with 1 000 in Naples, with a figure of 450 kg per capita in Campania in comparison with 617 kg in Lazio, well above the national average of 539 kg for an Italian. All this is contained in a question which we have just tabled with Rome’s other elected parliamentarians. However, the regional waste plan has never got off the ground and two infringement procedures have already been opened. Alarmed residents are putting their trust in the European institutions, especially Parliament and the Commission. For that reason, Commissioner, we entreat you to ensure, at the meeting of 28 January, that the Commission obtains data and information on the situation in Rome and Lazio, giving prior notice of an inspection, we hope by Commissioner Dimas, and also proposing an inspection by a delegation from this Parliament, to assess whether the measures for 2008, I am concluding, are adequate. Action has to be taken, Commissioner, before it is too late."@en1

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