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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I should very much like to thank Commissioner Dimas for the action that he has taken in recent weeks and months, action that many environmentalists would also like to see on other occasions, firm and visible action that is to be welcomed by all those working to defend Community legislation. In my view, that has not always been the case, and I would point out that, as regards the application of Community legislation, a number of infringements have also been opened by his institution in previous years – especially during the term of the government preceding that in office today – which have unfortunately gone largely unheeded and which have in particular been treated as mere routine. I should like to cite the infringements in respect of unauthorised waste dumps – of which there are over 4 000 – and a whole series of other questions connected with the definition of waste and so on. All this led to the situation in which we find ourselves today. Clearly, when a Member State and when a government which, at the time, had a majority of a hundred or so, failed to do more, as regards legislation on waste, than simply breach Community directives in its attempt to find loopholes, there is a much greater likelihood of maladministration, mismanagement, crime and a total lack of compliance. I am therefore very grateful to the Commission for its action, and I hope that it will press on with its monitoring work, because I believe that that work will be necessary; I also think that a shift away from crisis management is an absolute prerequisite if this situation is to be resolved. I am also of the view that the question as to who is responsible is an important one. There, I concur with those who say that the Commission should also introduce methods through which funds that have been spent and are to be spent can be monitored, because I believe that for us all as European and not just as Italian citizens, the issue of how funds can be used in a clear-cut way is an absolutely key question which concerns every one of us. Nevertheless, I take the view that the Italian Government’s measures, especially those announced for the next three or four months, must be supported, although the rules of the game have to be clear and also have to be respected. In my view, it would be very sad indeed to find ourselves in a situation where crisis is met with crisis, infringing the rules, because it is such infringements that have brought us to the point at which we now find ourselves."@en1

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