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"Mr President, I welcome the decision to incorporate children’s rights as one of the objectives of the EU Treaty of Lisbon, providing a new legal basis for children’s rights. Ms Angelilli’s report deals with many important issues relating to children’s well-being and protection. However, I want to emphasise acknowledgement of the fact that, for children, the poverty and social exclusion of their parents represent serious obstacles to exercising their rights. I support the report’s demand that the EU work in cooperation with the relevant UN agencies, international organisations and research centres to improve the gathering of comparable statistical data on the situation of children in the EU, with a view to developing and including a larger number of indicators relating specifically to children, child poverty and social exclusion. Child poverty is a neglected issue, yet one in five children in the EU lives on the brink of poverty. Will this not condemn 20% of the EU’s future adults to never fulfilling their true potential? If the political will is there, then let us work together across Member States to share best practice and learn from one another. We have witnessed the EU-wide campaign to make poverty in the developing world history, so why can we not have a similar campaign, across the EU, to make child poverty history?"@en1

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